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1928 MOSCOW Photogravures

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1928 Youth
Published by: C. O. Justh
Copyright by: Albertus-Verlag, Berlin 1928

View of Moscow from the Vorobievy Mountains

View of Ivan the great Looking cast

Krapotkin Quay

The Kremlin. Panorama

Basilius Cathedral

The Red Square. Parade

Demonstration on the Red Square

China Town. The Old Wall

Dserjinsky Square with Vladimir Gate

Szucharevsky Tower

Strastnoy Square


Theater Square

Market at Szucharewsky Tower

The Historical Museum

St. Saviour´s Cathedral

Ice-cutting on the Moskva

Washing linen in the Moskva

Homeless children during the famine of 1920-1921

International labour meeting

Girl´s head

Aquatic sports

Neskutschny Palace

Novodevitschy Monastery, total view

Novodevitschy Monastery. Window of western tower
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